Weight & nutrition Clinics at Folly Gardens

Weekly Weight Clinics

Our team of qualified veterinary nurses run weight and nutrition clinics throughout the week, and can help advise on all aspects of weight management and the best diets for your cat, dog or even bunny!

Carrying excess weight is not good for animals, in much the same it isn’t for us! Health problems such as orthopaedic pain, diabetes, liver and cardiovascular problems can arise all too easily, and the sad thing is a lot of these problems are entirely preventable.

If you and your vet are concerned regards your pets waistline, we can then refer you to our nurse led weight watchers clinic, where the nurse will tailor make your pet an easy to follow weight loss program. We are so passionate about weight management and preventative medicine; these nurse clinics are free of charge.



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Your pets weight is an essential part of their health and happiness. A correct diet can not only help to control weight, but aslo boost the immune system to ward off unwanted illnesses and diseases.

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