Here at Folly Gardens we strongly recommend you have your pet microchipped.

Microchipping your pet

allows your pet the best chance of being identified and returned to you, should they become lost or stolen. We are always so delighted when we have a lost or stray pet handed in at the surgery and we hear that magical beep! It’s great to be able to phone that owner and reunite them!

How it works

Microchipping can be done by the vets and nurses here at Folly Gardens, the chip in about the size of a grain of rice, and is inserted into the free skin in the scruff of the neck. The procedure can be done in a consult, and most pets don’t even notice!

We can microchip all types of pet. For puppies & kittens we often suggest it is done in one of their puppy/kitten checks or at their neutering.

Each microchip contains a unique code, which is allocated to you and your pet, and your details held on a national database.

Microchipping dogs & the law.

Since 6th April 2016, in England, all dogs are required to be microchipped before 8 weeks of age.



To comply with microchipping law all owners must:


  • Have their dog microchipped and registered on one of the authorised commercial databases
  • Register the details of any new owner before they sell or give the dog away
  • Keep their contact details up-to-date on the database

(source British Veterinary Association)

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Keeping your details up to date.

It is very important that you keep your contact details up to date so that you can be contacted should the worst happen. If you need to change/update your details, please contact petlog (for chips implanted by Folly Gardens Vets) on or contact reception for more information.

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