Fleas are the most commonly encountered external parasites of pets.

Flea Facts

There are more than 2,200 species of fleas recognised worldwide, but the cat flea (C.felis) is most commonly encountered in dogs and cats in the UK.

The number of fleas on your pet represents a small proportion of the total, the rest are scattered as eggs, larvae and pupae around your house - in your carpets, bedding, under furniture and between floorboards.

Did you Know?

  • A single female flea can produce up to 1,500 eggs each month
  • The larvae move away from light, deep into your carpets, between floorboards and under the furniture

The larvae change to pupae that can survive dormant in the environment, without the pet, for up to one year

Tick Facts

There are around 850 described species of ticks worldwide and all are bloodsucking external parasites.

Ticks are efficient hunters widely distributed in the countryside and parkland. They typically quest from low vegetation and scrub and when they sense vibration, carbon-dioxide (CO2), warmth and humidity, from a passing animal, they climb aboard, attach and start to feed on its blood.

Speak to one of the Folly Gardens Vets for more guidance on which product is best for your pet in preventing fleas on your pet.

Did you know?

  • A single female tick can lay several thousand eggs at a time
  • It can take up to three years for the adult tick to develop
  • Tick saliva contains an anaesthetic, so your dog will not feel the bite and neither will you!

Treating adult pets for fleas & ticks

Prevention is better than cure, and at Folly Gardens we can prescribe a wide range of parasite control to keep your pet safe and comfortable. The Folly Care Club can provide all of your pets parasite control.

Your pet will require year round flea/tick control and these can be provided via monthly spot on, monthly tablet, quarterly tablet, collars which last 8 months or even injection. Folly gardens will work with you and your pet, to pick the product most suited to you & your pet’s life style. See our Big Flea Guarantee!

Speak to one of the Folly Gardens Vets for more guidance on which product is best for your pet in preventing fleas on your pet.


We recommend treatment with a chewy treat

Tick Protection for your dog from MSD Animal Health on Vimeo.

Treating puppies and kittens for fleas & ticks

In youngsters external parasites such as fleas and ticks can cause serious illness. At your vaccination health check and free monthly checks the vets and nurses will discuss how to prevent fleas/ticks and advise which products are the safest and most suitable.

Generally in very young/small pets only certain products are licenced and safe to use. Your vet can advise you and apply any medicine required. Once your pet is around 1kg and over a certain age, most of the spot on, tablets etc. prescribed at Folly Gardens can be used. Again these products are generally applied monthly. It is important that we weigh your youngster every month to make sure they are receiving the correct dose.

Because the needs of adult pets versus youngsters is so different, we often swap to their ‘grown up’ flea/tick control at around 6 months of age. You will be able to discuss this and choose the most suitable product for you and your pets’ lifestyle at their free 6 month pup/kitten check.

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