You know it makes sense ... 'prevention is better than cure'

Dentistry and oral hygiene

Our team of qualified veterinary nurses are available throughout the week to offer complimentary dental checks for your pet. Dental hygiene is part of our preventative medicine scheme, and we are so passionate about helping prevent serious health problems in your pet, that these clinics are free of charge.

Dental disease

Tooth and gum disease is exceptionally uncomfortable and painful and can affect all cats and dogs, as well as rabbits and other pet rodents.

Plaque builds up after every meal around your pets teeth, and without removal build up into tartar and calculus all too easily. This horrible layer harbours a massive number of bacteria, which causes malodour and smelly breath and inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). Over time this inflammation turns to infection and destruction of the tissue around the tooth, known as periodontal disease, which is extremely painful, and leads to the loss of the tooth.

Infection in the mouth allows bacteria into the body and blood stream, where infection and disease can all too easily spread to the kidneys, liver, heart and lungs causing serious problems.



Regular dental check-ups are essential. Our nurses and vets can advise you and help you to prevent dental disease. We use a range of techniques which we can tailor to your individual pet’s needs, which can include tooth brushing, dental chews, water supplements as well as special diets.

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Poor dental and oral hygiene is linked to a wide range of health problems in both animals and man. We know for ourselves it’s important to get to the dentist every 6-12 months for a check-up, and we wouldn’t miss that, so come and see our nurses for your pets check-up today.

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