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Physiotherapy Clinics


Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist, Eleanor Clarke runs a Physiotherapy clinic alongside the Folly Gardens team. Eleanor is Association of chartered physiotherapists in animal therapy (ACPAT) registered.

Why choose a Chartered Physiotherapist Working with Animals to treat my animal?


By choosing an ACPAT registered Chartered Physiotherapist working with animals, you are ensuring that your physiotherapist:

  • Is registered with a professional body (CSP) and adheres to Regulations and Standards of Practice
  • Maintains up to date knowledge through Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Exercises clinical reasoning and judgement in the treatment of animals
  • Works with veterinary referral at all times in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act.
  • Has Professional and Public Liability Insurance

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Eleanor Clarke


Eleanor qualified as human physiotherapist in 1998, from Sheffield University and then went on to complete her Post Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy at the Royal Veterinary College in 2001.  Eleanor has worked locally for many years, mainly treating, dogs, cats and horses, and has been of great help to many of our own Vets and Nurses both treating ponies and pooches alike!


Has your pet any of the following?


  • recent orthopaedic surgery
  • diagnosed with an arthritic or neurological condition
  • had a recent lameness
  • diagnosed with a soft tissue or joint injury
  • Had performance issues, such as difficulty jumping at agility, leaping onto your sofa, or showing reluctance to exercise or climb the stairs....
  • changes in behaviour, tolerance to other dogs etc


Then a chat to one of our Vets and an assessment and treatment with Eleanor, could really benefit your pet. Physiotherapy works best when used in conjunction with Veterinary medicine & prompt referral to the Physiotherapist is advocated post injury or surgery to prevent unwanted compensations.

Many insurance companies will pay for Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapists too. Our physiotherapist will often work alongside vets Lizzie and Brad, who are qualified veterinary acupuncturists. Acupuncture can offer additional pain relief and improve mobility and healing times. See our acupuncturist leaflet for more info, or speak to one of the team.

What does an assessment entail?


Initial assessments take 45 minutes, and include taking a full history, followed by static, dynamic and palpatory assessments to identify and treat primary and secondary compensations. A physiotherapist works with animals to restore normal soft tissue length and movement patterns, to alleviate pain and gait abnormalities. An exercise/rehabilitation program will then be created to allow the effects of physiotherapy and veterinary treatments to be maximised.

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