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Brad Cooper

Head Veterinary Surgeon BVSc MRCVS Director
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Brad qualified in 1997 and having enjoyed his early career in Cotswold mixed animal practices took over the reins at Folly Gardens Vets in 2006. Brad is very enthusiastic and has a keen interest in all aspects of small animal veterinary care but has a particular interest in diagnostic imaging (X-rays and ultrasound),endoscopy, orthopaedic fracture repair and also of minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery. He likes to tailor veterinary care to the individual needs of the pet and client.

Brad strongly believes that the high standards and quality veterinary care is due to the fantastic vets, veterinary nurses and support team that make up Folly Gardens.

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Megan Archer

Veterinary Surgeon Bvetmed (Hons) MRCVS
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Meg qualified from Royal Veterinary College, hankering to be a large animal vet, but foot and mouth, a sojourn in Africa, a husband and several children later she finds herself blissfully happy as a small animal vet in the Folly Gardens fold!

Her special interest is dermatology and she is often found sellotape and cotton buds in hand, examining the contents lately stripped off a dogs skin under the microscope. We are sure she was once a blue Peter presenter!

Meg has always wanted to be a vet, since the age of 10 when a vet student came lambing on her parents’ farm and told her tales of picking up radio 1 on a sheep. University sounded such fun so she thought she’d go to vet school, little did she know there were other easier subjects to do. But she has never regretted her decision. “Every day at work, I never know what might come through the door, sometimes it’s exciting ER moments like putting a chest drain in cat with a pneumothorax post road traffic acccident: one moment it is gasping for life the next its breathing peacefully. Other times you can see a case, especially allergic skin cases, that you wonder will they ever get right but with the owners hard work as much as my own there is that eureka moment when everything finally falls into place and the patient is well.”

Out of work, Meg when not looking after her family loves printing and creating and also is part of Holy Trinity Church in Tewkesbury.

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Joanne Mansfield

Veterinary Surgeon BVSc MRCVS
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Jo qualified from Bristol University in 2003. Jo worked in Birmingham in small animal practice from graduation up until two years ago, when we were lucky enough that she came to join Folly and moved to Tewkesbury. Jo has done extensive additional study in small animal medicine, and is currently studying for an additional post graduate certificate in the subject. She enjoys all aspects of first opinion practice – especially her medicine and surgery. Outside of work Jo enjoys socialising with her friends and the folly team and has her 7 year old cocker spaniel, with whom she enjoys walking in the countryside.

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Lizzie Threadingham

Veterinary Surgeon BVSc MRCVS
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Lizzie loves being one of the team here at Folly Gardens; her favourite aspects of the job are meeting clients and their pets, as well running the Cat Clinic.

Lizzie really enjoys the variety that our profession brings, and enjoys surgery, medicine and behavioural work. She is particularly interested in feline medicine & behaviour as well as acupuncture, physiotherapy and pain management. Lizzie is currently studying for a post graduate certificate in western acupuncture and pain management.

At home she is the proud owner of ‘the most beautiful ginger cat in the world’ – Eric. Several chickens and ducks, as well as Eeyore the horse (whom she shares with her hubby) and misty, a VERY naughty welsh pony.

In her spare time (he he he) she takes care of their small flock of Cotswold Sheep and two very cheeky sons, as well as a husband, Steve; who she occasionally sees when he’s not looking after all her animals or tinkering with a tractor!

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Tim Partridge

Veterinary Surgeon BVSc MRCVS
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Tim qualified many moons ago and joined Folly Gardens in the days when the practice was based solely at Barton Road in Tewkesbury.  He has always been involved mainly on the surgical side and still enjoys the challenges presented by these cases and the atmosphere of conviviality and professionalism that is Folly Gardens.

Tim shares his small cottage with Helen (his lovely wife), Dot (his antisocial Lurcher), Duggie (his delinquent moggie) and several “very lucky” ex-battery hens!

In his spare time he is often to be found “letting off steam” in the gym, whereas sadly the golf course seems to have the opposite effect!

Alice Martin

Alice Martin

Veterinary Surgeon BVSc MRCVS
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After going to Liverpool University to study Veterinary science Alice spent her formative years as a mixed practice vet in Ledbury, where she treated all creatures great and small.

Since having her two children she has concentrated on small animal medicine and surgery, as well as emergency out of hour’s veterinary care. We are pleased to say Alice is now a permanent member of the Folly team.

Alice is particularly interested in emergency surgery and medicine, she very much enjoys consulting, meeting our clients and their animals. She is passionate about preventative medicine and helping owners to manage health problems in their pets, before they cause illness.

Outside of work Alice enjoys taking her lovely terrier Monty out walking, horse riding, being a mummy!

DSC_ 0543 - Hannah Far

Hannah Fry

Veterinary Surgeon BSc BVetMed MRCVS
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Hannah joined us in 2016 following a recent move to the area.  Hannah has put down roots in the area as she  recently jumped onto the property ladder and is now developing her DIY skills.