Diagnostic and Surgical Facilities at Folly Gardens


Folly Gardens has in-house laboratory facilities at both Tewkesbury and Bishops Cleeve clinics.  This means that rapid results can be obtained prior to anaesthesia and in emergency situations to assess your pets’ health status.  Appropriate treatment can then be given to your pet as soon as possible.

We are able to offer:

Biochemistry – to test the chemicals found in blood e.g. to test for liver or kidney function.

Haematology – to look at the cells within the blood e.g. to see if the body is fighting an infection.

Electrolytes – to check the hydration levels of the patient e.g. do they require fluid therapy?

We also have the facilities and expertise within our team to carry out the following:


Cytology – to examine cell samples taken from the patient.

Parasitology – to look for tiny bugs that may be living on the surface of the skin or in the ear of your pet.

Urinalysis – to examine the structure and contents of the patient’s urine.

If specialised tests are required, we have access to a wide range of external laboratory test that can be sent off daily.

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Visiting specialist in diagnostic imaging


Margaret Costello MVB, DVR, Dip.ECVDI, MRCVS. RCVS and European Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging

As a practice we have developed close links with visiting veterinary experts. Mags Costello is a specialist in diagnostic imaging, and comes in weekly to see any very tricky cases we may need additional advice in. Mags is able to provide us with an advanced service in ultrasound imaging and radiography, which can be vital in the management of more difficult and serious conditions which would otherwise require referral to a university or referral facility. (Sometimes referral to a specialist centre is still a sensible and necessary option, which you and your vet will discuss.)

If you and your vet feel that your pet would benefit from this service, an in house referral can easily be arranged, and your pet seen at your normal branch.